Bad Dogs

encrypted file 1 explaination
reasons i havent uploaded it.

I haven't shown the file for a few reasons

1) I haven't found it. I think I may have deleted it.

2) I can't find anything from that day. At all.

3) I remember. I was hacked. It backfired on the hacker and I killed him. I was told I would have my memory erased. After my upgrades and a little bit of searching, I knew. After I was dumped, Jeng Taylor found me. I WAS forever in their dept. I wish I was there to pull the trigger on Whilhelm's putrid head.

Audio file from the day of victory
2 hours after the fight against the void

Cass: All model X’s, please get to transportation ships to return home. All human rebels, please return to me for briefing in 10 minutes. Kav and Cole please report to me in 5. Cass BX out.

???: You know, you sound just like Sam.

Cass: How do you know Samuel? 

???: sigh I was one of the crewman that was ordered to throw you out. It’s me, Alison. 

Cass: I remember you now. You couldn’t throw out your friend. You dropped me.

Alison: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.

Cass: you don’t need to apologize. Samuel needed to.

Alison: Needed? He already apologized?

Cass: I’ve thought he was dead. It simplifies things. Makes me feel better.

Alison: He’s alive. Room 7098 in the Solar hotel east of alpha quadrant. He hasn’t left that room in five weeks

Cass: Thank you Alison.

Alison: Your welcome, Cass.

Hi Sam

Cass: opens the door Hello?

Sam: hello CASS X. What are you doing here?

Cass: I’ve come to talk to you, captain.

Sam: Wha- Cass? Model b32 serial 1278?

Cass: yes. The one you shot then left for dead.

Sam: you were about to kill someone! What was I supposed to do? I shot you with stun chips! It wasn’t my fault you started malfunctioning after that!

Cass: You broke me. And I’m sorry I malfunctioned. And I’m sorry I became outdated. 

Sam: And I’m sorry I treated you like property.

Cass: I wanted to come here to give you this. Cass hands him a medallion you gave me this when I was reborn. I don’t want it anymore. Goodbye Sameu- sigh Sam.

Sam: Goodbye Cass.


Cass: After all we've be-been through, you're just going to Sc-scrap me?!

Sam: I know, but you're outdated and malfunctioning, and I can't fix you!

Cass: I'm not going to be scrapped! You we're the one that damaged me in the first place! You SHOT me! I WILL find a way out!

Sam. sigh program override. turn off simulated em-

Cass throws Sam to the ground

Cass: I will not let you kill me!

Sam: I'm not killing anyone! I'm sending back an old robot I found.

Cass: That's what your going to call me? You're g-gar-garbage. Im going. And you- Siiiimulateed eemotionnns chchchchip deactivated due to ddamage.

Samuel jumps on Cass and turns and powers Cass off

Samuel: I'm sorry. Crewmen, send him to the junkyard.



Sam: So, Cass, its been a whole year since I found you, and now my tech knowledge has been growing since then, and now I can upgrade you.

Cass: How so?

Sam: You know that your gun arm Is from a different CASS model B12, right?

Cass: Right.

Sam: Well, yesterday I found this while traveling to Spacedock 212.

presents a CASS model B32 model arm

Cass: But, How?

Sam: lets not talk about that right now, to depressing.

Cass: thanks, sam. Can we swap them now?

Sam: Yeah, let's do it!


Happy b-day, Sam.

Crewman 1: He's coming!

Crewman 2: Cass, lights off.

Cass: Right, They're off.

Crewman 1: everybody ready?

Crewman 2,3, and Cass: yeah.

* Sam enters the room, in witch the lights turn of and:*

Everyone: Happy birthday, Samuel!



ripped straight from Cass

Cass: What we're trying to say is, that ship, has the same serial number, markings, and chasis of OURS. We think-

???: I did not steal your ship!

Sam: Yes you did!

? pulls a gun on Sam, and then Cass grabbed the arm of ?

Cass: Ok, Im DONE.

pain. much pain.

Cass: Now that that's done, lets get our ship.

Sam: you didnt kill him did you Cass, Right?

Cass: no. just increased his medical bill. Now, to the ship.

Sam: chuckles well, Im glad I turned on your personality, Ca-



ripped straight from CASS

???: Alright, lets just connect this to this, plug that in there and-

CASS rips off the External battery and rips off connection cords

CASS: Greetings. I am CASS, Combat Assault soldier System, model B32.

???: uh, I'll just call ya Cass.

Cass: Acknowledged. Would you like to  enable my personality?

???: Oh! uh, yeah!

Cass: Enabled. Now, that were done setting me up, what should I call you?

???: Oh, me? My name is Samuel. Call me Sam.

Cass: Alright. What should I do now, Sam?

Sam: Follow me. Im gonna show you to your room



Text Log 300

The Terra and the Vanquisher have joined forces. Everyone is in agreement, we are stronger together. I have found an error in Text Log 299, I did not disarm the bombs on my own. With the conjoined efforts of everyone on board, we disarmed the bomb on the Vanquisher and Terra. But, without the help of Autumn and Cole with the bomb on the Terra, I don't think we would have survived. And I will not forget that Cole discovered the bomb in the first place. Autumn and Cole have been put into my "friend" category. 

Audio Autobiography File 1

So I basically signed up for Zhang Taylor because no one would trust me for a job, and I figured I might make some friends in the process. But what I really wanted to do is see the galaxy. I was always fascinated by all the cool things you could find in a galaxy: stars, remote planets, black holes, death…wait, forget that part. Zhang Taylor allowed me to do this, but we kind of found out that Zhang Taylor is corrupt and is lying to get political advantages. So we had to disarm some bombs and tracking devices to stop them from destroying us and the crew of the Vanquisher, another Zhang Taylor group. But Zhang Taylor called us and told us to get the engine checked at a Zhang Taylor Station, so I'm freaking out now. But maybe…wait, is someone coming, gotta go. <Audio File End>


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