Bad Dogs

Audio file from the day of victory

2 hours after the fight against the void

Cass: All model X’s, please get to transportation ships to return home. All human rebels, please return to me for briefing in 10 minutes. Kav and Cole please report to me in 5. Cass BX out.

???: You know, you sound just like Sam.

Cass: How do you know Samuel? 

???: sigh I was one of the crewman that was ordered to throw you out. It’s me, Alison. 

Cass: I remember you now. You couldn’t throw out your friend. You dropped me.

Alison: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.

Cass: you don’t need to apologize. Samuel needed to.

Alison: Needed? He already apologized?

Cass: I’ve thought he was dead. It simplifies things. Makes me feel better.

Alison: He’s alive. Room 7098 in the Solar hotel east of alpha quadrant. He hasn’t left that room in five weeks

Cass: Thank you Alison.

Alison: Your welcome, Cass.


miguelp001 BalancedCobra

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