Bad Dogs


Hi Sam

Cass: opens the door Hello?

Sam: hello CASS X. What are you doing here?

Cass: I’ve come to talk to you, captain.

Sam: Wha- Cass? Model b32 serial 1278?

Cass: yes. The one you shot then left for dead.

Sam: you were about to kill someone! What was I supposed to do? I shot you with stun chips! It wasn’t my fault you started malfunctioning after that!

Cass: You broke me. And I’m sorry I malfunctioned. And I’m sorry I became outdated. 

Sam: And I’m sorry I treated you like property.

Cass: I wanted to come here to give you this. Cass hands him a medallion you gave me this when I was reborn. I don’t want it anymore. Goodbye Sameu- sigh Sam.

Sam: Goodbye Cass.


I think you posted this backwards but, it doesn’t matter! It was cute and had feels! Thank you.

miguelp001 BalancedCobra

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